I can’t help believing in you

I am utterly heartbroken and passionately committed to healing.  I am heartbroken because those who seek to divide us keep tearing at us and pointing fingers to make sure we know who to blame and who we are to honor.  Well, I refuse to be divided, and I will not tear at you, or blame you, […]

Lessons -Rethought

In reading Bobbie Harro’s Cycle of Socialization, I learned about the lessons we are taught in our society tied to the identities we are given and assume.  For example, I was taught how to be a man to assume the “masculine” roles I would play in school, business, fatherhood and community.  I learned from the […]

Soul – my ultimate place

The wind . . . gently caressing . . . building whirling bringing . . . carrying from disparate places to one . . .and away away . . . unsettled, waiting to take flight . . . journeying again and again returning returning . . . The wind . . .   As a […]

No one ever asked

No one ever asked me, would you like to be a boy? White? Straight?  A member of a certain class? Roman Catholic? Able? No, I was never asked. If I were asked, especially at the time I received these, I wouldn’t have known what to say. I wouldn’t have known to ask, what’s a boy?  And before I […]


One of the things I like to do to get me into the Christmas spirit, is to watch the 1947 version Miracle on 34thstreet, with Maureen O’Hara, John Payne, Natalie Wood and Edmund Gwynn.  Every time I watch it I turn into a blubbering mess. Sometimes I think it has to do with wanting to […]


For some time I have known that my life, when not aligned to the person I mean to be, careens into dark corners as I spill my life force into the waste of despair.   I know it sounds a little dramatic, yeah. I haven’t really known, but I am feeling some kind of way, as […]