All my life I have accepted certain truths that I was taught and socialized into accepting by people I loved and trusted and then by the schools and other institutions that would shape my life.  So, when I listen to the newscasters I have been taught to trust and watch the press conference by the […]

Trusting in Audre, adrianne, and Octavia

I haven’t written in weeks, so much to say and share and no words.  The pandemic is part of it, it has put me on my heels, reeling, flailing, swinging between fear and anger.  It is beyond anything any of us has ever experienced, and we aren’t likely half-way through.  I want to be done […]

My White Silence

Last night I felt so impatient.  I was on ZOOM with a group of whites who wanted to do more and I wanted to do more, and there we were, doing what we always do. I wondered about my impatience and frustration as the group talked about education and book groups and presentations and trips […]

Grieving for those who find it hard to cry

When I was socialized out of crying, because men don’t do that, did I lose my ability to grieve?  I feel sadness, deeply, the weight is heavy in my body.  I feel my tear ducts and know they are there, filled with tears that will not come.  What can I do? In this pandemic world, […]

An encounter with Darkness

It is extremely important to encounter darkness (shame, fear, rage, humiliation, harm).  To encounter how we were harmed is to be able to embrace how we too have harmed and continue to harm. This is the wellspring of compassion . . . We are imprisoned in the never-ending dance of death – until we step […]

Grief and Praise

Grief is a form of generosity, which praises life and the people and situations which we have lost.  Grief that praises life shows the depth of our appreciation for having been given life enough to begin with, to experience both love and loss and that with all the mistreatment we humans give to the earth, […]


In to the stillness, I watch the flames of the candle, feet on the ground reaching into the earth, I am learning to be present. My mind wants to rip me away, into thinking and judging.  I come back to the dancing flames. My feet long for dirt and clay, tickling grasses, pebbles, rocks and […]

Where do I start?

It has been interesting to watch myself in the midst of the pandemic.  I had a moment where I thought, this is it, the end of capitalism as we know it.  There is no way for us to  not finally have a safety net for the vast majority of citizens who clearly need it.  And […]


I haven’t written for a while now So much is going on and I am drawn this way and that.  I have learned and keep learning and journeying further and further, beyond the boundaries I thought I knew. . . . . . into quiet presence I sit I have felt . . . emerging […]

Our hands

I am still coming to grips with the ways in which our patriarchal system has shamed me into a narrow crack of myself.  Afraid, I hide. I wonder why. I am tired of being afraid. I am tired of living the rules of rigid and unforgiving masculinity. I want to hold your hand until the […]